We, Think PR and Thinkhouse, won the public bid on the project of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Constitution of 1915, offered by the Ministry of Children, Gender Equality, Integration and Social Affairs. An information and celebration campaign to a very broad audience - consisting of the entire Danish population.

The celebration of the 100th anniversary is a very sympathetic message. It can, however, be difficult for the target audience to relate to through the traditional communication channels.

We developed the idea and the creative concept, were responsible for all the planning and execution of the campaign, as well as marking and celebration of the 100th anniversary of women's right to vote and stand for election. And we made an idea and a concept that were very simple:

100 ambassadors, 100 speeches, 100 channels



The strategy was to turn everything upside down, and take account of influencers, social media and Word-of-Mouth by 100 selected, well-known Danes who each gave their own interpretation and celebration of the Constitution.

The concept was rooted in a social media campaign. The message spread through the influencers and ambassadors, that all appealed to and represented their own target audience, making it the largest and widest ambassador campaign ever in Denmark.

All ambassadors activated their own channels and media, including social media, newsletters, retail chains and websites just to mention a few. Furthermore all celebrations were picked up digitally. To make the campaign even bigger, the celebration was pushed through a huge PR strategy including all traditional media.

To activate the campaign, we developed activities to support the whole concept and celebration, such as a tailor-made show featuring a famous children’s TV host who went on tour around the country to the main shopping centres. This show, targeted at families with children, told about the importance and celebration of our constitution from the perspective of children.

For the younger part of the audience, we held a huge activity during the street party festival Distortion, with a music line-up and several of the selected ambassadors coming on stage giving their tribute to the constitution.

The culmination of the whole concept was a 100-minute live broadcast celebration show on Danish national televison, DR, on Constitution Day, with participation from the government and the Danish royal family.



In 2012 Tuborg wished to strengthen their profile within electronic club music and be positioned as the leading brand in the club scene.

Furthermore there was a wish to get young consumers into the beer category and ensure that Tuborg is the preferred beer among young consumers aged 18-24 years.



The solution was clear: A Tuborg Club Tour visiting major clubs in Denmark with a massive collection of great entertainment and giveaways.

Together with the highly profiled and very skilled Danish DJ, Kongsted, we created the perfect party track that was played on the clubs and national radio.

We brought Kongsted to the clubs along with the party starter, TubMan, who lights up a party like no one else with CO2 and lasers.

Kongsted also hosted a Friday Session on the national radio The Voice doing a warm-up prior to the parties around Denmark. Via The Voice we found talented and upcoming DJ's to play a set along with Kongsted in the clubs.

Last but not least we gave the consumers the possibility to win a VIP-table at the club for an extraordinary party.



The Tuborg Club Tour was such a huge success that we ended up executing the tour three years in a row.

The Tuborg Club Tour-track by Kongsted has beside massive plays during the Club Tour, been streamed and downloaded multiple times. In 2013 the track went platinum selling more than 1,8 mio copies and has been downloaded more than 10 mio times.



The Brief

Coke light wanted to strengthen their relationship and perception towards fashion. Furthermore the aim of the campaign was to generate PR within the fashion media.

The Solution

Thinkhouse made a concept that consisted of a 3-way partnership – Coke Light, a celebrity and a fashion brand. We teamed up with musician and tv-personality Pernille Rosendahl and the Danish fashion brand Vila from Bestseller.

Style icon and singer Pernille Rosendahl became the face of the campaign and Creative Director in the partnership with Vila, with whom she designed a special pair of jeans.

The jeans model were named “The Storm” – like Pernille’s band – and were branded with a Coke Light price tag leading you to download The Storm’s latest single. 

All the Vila stores made window displays with the campaign. In the stores we sampled CD’s from the Storm and – of course – Coke Light.


The Results

The concept became a nationwide 360 degrees campaign that consisted of samplings, free downloads, massive earned and shared media. Media wise we had earned and shared media for more than 3 mill DKK.

Coca-Cola Light went from being associated with fashion to be active within fashion