The summer holidays are linked with happiness, sun and exciting experiences. But the winter months in Denmark are dark and cold. 

One thing that really lifts the Danish spirit in the winter months is downhill skiing. They love it! Unfortunately it’s a bit of a challenge in a country where the highest point is 127 m. 

We wanted a winter campaign that gave our target group a truly unique brand experience throughout the winter season and simultaneously spread brand involvement and awareness. In short, we wanted them to ‘taste the possibilities’. 


Wanting to create the ultimate consumer brand experience and an escape from the everyday we decided to look outside the country boarders to find the perfect spot. 

Located in Val d’Isère, we opened The Coca-Cola zero Ski Chalet - the perfect way to celebrate and be immersed in our values. By involving chosen partners, our bottler, consumers, on & off trade and staff we achieved a multifaceted annual property and 100% integrated campaign. 

The Coca-Cola zero Ski Chalet offers a refreshing and unique context within which to activate and experience Coca-Cola zero.

We teamed up with 4 relevant partners to add a little extra to the campaign; Nortlander, Salomon, GoPro and Fitness DK


The Coca-Cola zero Ski Chalet campaign created countless ‘possibilities’ integrated into one unique concept with a coherent strategy for activating a traditionally quiet period of the year for sales. 

The innovative nature of the campaign attracted credible partners and brought value to these partners and the Coca-Cola zero brand. 

It is through cooperation, an inspired idea and an integrated approach to the promotion that the fundamental values of the Coca-Cola zero brand were successfully communicated, making the core commitments visible to People, Partners, Portfolio, Planet and Profit. 

The campaign clearly shows that it’s possible to successfully activate a relevant overseas property within a local country - A testament to the ‘Ultimate Ski Trip’ where few will go but all will know.